Mercurial tooling reaching the tipping point

The MercurialEclipse context menu certainly looks comprehensive..

A tipping point can be defined as the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable.

I’d venture to state that distributed version control system Mercurial reached its tipping point when version 1.6.0 of MercurialEclipse recently was released.  At least for me. 🙂 During the last years I’ve been consistently and repeatedly underwhelmed with the state of Mercurial tooling in my favoured integrated development enviroment, resorting to use hg at the command line exclusively.  Command line interfaces are good for many things but it’s hard to let go of the comforts of a good GUI when one is used to the brilliant Subclipse Subversion plugin.

MercurialEclipse is a quantum leap. I sincerely hope the availability of first class Eclipse support for Mercurial will be the tipping point for distributed version control systems in general and Mercurial in particular!

One thought on “Mercurial tooling reaching the tipping point

  1. I can second this – since 1.6.0 MercurialEclipse reached the tipping point.
    using Mercurial Repositiories with many Eclipse projects inside (as common in plug-in development) 1.7.0 beta is an extra boost in performance


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