Top Clojure Links

On my quest to pick up Clojure during 2010 I’m primarily accompanied by the very solid Programming Clojure by Stuart Halloway. I’ve however also stumbled upon some interesting, cool, thought-provoking etc. Clojure resources on the web. So here goes – in no particular order:

Clojure – Functional Programming for the JVM by R. Mark Volkmann is both a great introductory article and a handy reference. Actually a cheap aspiring functional programmers alternative to Programming Clojure!

MiGLayout: The one Java layout manager that does it all by Chris Hardin is another of the many excellent Java News Briefs by Object Computing, Inc. (OCI). MIGLayout is a Java Swing UI layout manager which is as powerful and expressive as the Clojure programming language. This makes MIGLayout an excellent choice for all your Clojure UI needs!

Full Disclojure is a series of easily digested screen casts highlighting a particular feature of Clojure in each episode. The screen casts are accompanied by clear audio and the well-paced action takes place directly at the REPL (as it should!). Full Disclojure is on an accessible level for newbies and covers, among other topics, many of the cool features introduced in Clojure 1.1.0.

Hot Code Swapping is not the exclusive domain of Erlang!

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